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Benefits of OPT HVLS fans
Nov 02, 2018


1. Human Comfort

HVLS fans distribute that incoming air, driving it quietly but forcefully to the floor where it jets to the walls before it rises to blend with the incoming air. HVLS fans not only move the air, but they also effectively de-stratify the air.

2. Energy Savings

A single 24-foot diameter fan can run for eight hours at 31¢ per day. The aerodynamic blades even cool the fan motors to reduce temperature and stress.

3. Risk Management

The fans have the power to restructure the air so that it evaporates moisture and disperses it within the volume of the space.HVLS fans don’t waste energy trying to dry things or reduce humidity; they make humidity within that space remain equally dispersed opposed to migrating down onto the things that might be at dew point.

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