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Big,Large,Giant Mobile floor fans
Oct 29, 2018


OPT "AirWalk" with a2.6m height to move air with free wheels that could handle any terrain. Perfect for everywhere from  big open space to  crowded auto shops to outdoor wedding venues and barns, we gave it handles on both sides, and made it light and maneuverable enough for one person to easily push around.

  • Dimension:2600mm*950m*2700m

  • Steel frame and reasonable cage design can handle the toughest environments

  • Stands just under 2.6m tall

  • Includes handles on both sides for easy maneuvering

  • Fits through standard interior doors

  • Coverage diameter is 30m long.

  • Wet-rated for indoor/outdoor use and easy hose-down cleaning

  • Air volume is 2280CMM.

  • Variable speed controller offers fully-adjustable airflow

  • Plugs into any standard 220V /380V power supply

  • Axial flow  motor draws only 3.6A at top speed (0.9m/s-7m/s)

  • Whisper-quiet, direct drive motor means you can hold a conversation right next to the fan.

  • Lifetime hub and fan blades warranty; 3 year warranty all other parts.


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