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Brief introduction of large ceiling fan
Aug 27, 2018

The wind speed generated by "industrial big fan" is about 2-3 m/s. Is entirely based on the airflow across the human skin to produce the best cool feeling of the air flow calculated, too strong airflow will make the body and mind feel hot, there is a feeling of direct wind blowing, too high wind speed will make people dizzy, only through the surface of the volatile and breeze speed of the organic combination

, in order to beautify the body's cool feeling.

Large industrial fan, Hibbers research fan is a large industrial fan diameter of 7.2 meters, the effective area of the fan to 1200 square meters, can drive more than 5000 cubic meters of space air flow.

Large industrial fan is the 21st century green energy-saving environmental protection products, with its pollution-free, low energy consumption, small noise won the favor of users, products are mainly used in summer, is a tall building ventilation to cool the perfect choice.

Principle of large industrial fan:

Suzhou Hebrew Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. Large industrial fans can tuishe a large number of airflow to the ground, forming a high level of airflow in the ground, thus contributing to the overall air cycle; This benefits from a full range of ground cover and air circulation.

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