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Dairies Test New HVLS Fans for Cooling Cows
Jan 18, 2019


Conventional high speed fans vs HVLS agricultural fans

High-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans use less energy and are quieter than conventional high-speed fans,the effectiveness of cooling area can be 1800M2. 

The first system utilized  small high-speed exhaust cooling fans installed over the feeding area and over the free stalls 6m apart (conventional system).   

The second system utilized 7.3-m diameter HVLS fans installed over the center drive-through aisle at 18-m spacing (HVLS system). 

 Air speeds in the barn were measured with each system operating separately. Observed air speeds were lower for the HVLS system (0.9m/s-7m/s) than for the conventional system (0 to 13 km/h), although air speed was more evenly distributed with the HVLS system. 


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