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Function of OPT HVLS fans
Oct 11, 2018


Welcome to OPT HVLS fans

OPT delivers temporary cooling, ventilation and dehumidifying solutions for industrial,commercial,agricultural environments throughout all over the world.  

Too HOT Summer heat getting you down? Are your customers and staff complaining about the heat in your office, factory or shop? Is your server room overheating? We have extensive experience in providing portable air cooling fans for spot cooling through to large scale cooling with packaged HVLS fans capable of cooling up to 13200CMM.

Too COLD?  Many of our HVLS fans will warm you up as well as cool you down. An aHVLS fans can act as a heat pump and heat  distributor to move the hot air down to the earth and save energy consumed, so HVLS fans is a very cost effective way to distribute warm air and warm you up.

Too WET?  Need to dry out your building after a flood?  Our dehumidifiers, air conditioners, drier fans and air movers can help you dry out. 

For all your temporary Cooling, ventilation & Drying Requirements -OPT HVLS fans

View our catalogue now or text the message on Whatsapp:86-18861122683 for advice on the best solution.                

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