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Functional configuration of industrial large ceiling fans
Aug 27, 2018

1, fan-type I safety ring---the latest technical results will be connected to the whole fan blades, to avoid accidental fall of the fan blade.

2, the wing of a new fan-blade---fan-blade body embedded steel wire mesh, each piece of fan-blade connected to prevent the fan-blade rupture local drop.

3, anti-stripping device---Top safety, the fan blades, chassis, motor connected as a whole, to prevent the board to play a protective role, to prevent any parts from falling off.

4, the aerodynamic wing---when the fan blade running, the air will be at the end of the wing type fan vortex, the tail can eliminate this part of the energy loss, stabilize the fan running, so that the flow of air more in line with the aerodynamics principle.

5, steel wire zipper device---High altitude protection, each steel wire pull cable stress intensity up to 1000kg, keep the fan in the rotation generated by the huge inertia under the operation of stable and reliable;

6, Roof arc groove---safety design, can greatly adjust the extension bar angle, to ensure that the fan vertical downward, to avoid vibration and centrifugal force passed to the building.

7, fan-blade drive chassis---The latest technical results, effectively ensure the reliability of the fan operation, High-strength wheel protection blades will not break from the root;

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