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How OPT HVLS fans make your factory operate efficiently
Oct 17, 2018

1.OPT HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fans are Optimal for Large Spaces

Do OPT HVLS ceiling fans really work for large industrial spaces? They not only work for large spaces, they are perfect for them. OPT invented the large industrial ceiling fan in 2007 to deliver a cost-effective climate control solution by generating large amounts of airflow.OPT’s big industrial fans create a cooling effect, help control the effects of humidity, and can also help conserve heat in colder months by pushing warm air up to the ceiling, toward the walls, and down to the floor.


2.Every Spin Reduces Cost

Cooling or heating a massive industrial facility places a huge demand on a HVAC system. Big ceiling fans are the perfect complement to an HVAC system.OPT  big ceiling fans reduce energy consumption by supplementing the HVAC system, which can contribute up to a 30% reduction in energy usage. So any size facility can increase or decrease its thermostat by 5° and would see up to 20% reduction in cooling or heating costs.

3.Enjoyable environment Helps Employees Work Efficiently

Lastly, and most importantly, are the employees work in large industrial facilities. The productivity and overall wellness of these hard working employees is dependent on the environment that they are working in. OPTHVLS ceiling fans create comfortable airflow throughout the big industrial facilities. This increases employee comfort, resulting in increased productivity.


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