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OPT 4 series HVLS ceiling cooling and ventilation fans
Nov 29, 2018

OPT explore how HVLS fans can contribute to temperature balance in low energy costs, increase thermal comfort, and provide a silent and elegant design strategy. We discuss how to save energy and improve indoor air quality for building occupants.  



KQ&KC(18FT,20FT,24FT)- Large Spaces
This top-of-the-line fan delivers massive airflow to cool your extra-large spaces. Thanks to our breakthrough in motor design, the 24-foot KQ series fan moves 13200 cubic meter of air per minute. You may expect this massive air displacement to be energy costly , but our NORD IE2 new generation energy efficient motor,very energy saving.

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KQ&KC(12FT,16FT) - Medium to Large Spaces
 This premium fan houses industrial power within its sleek design, providing the ideal solution for climate problems in your mid-sized spaces. Its AirBrain processor adapts to your building’s input voltage, generates and seamlessly resets fault codes, and integrates into building automation systems. If it is struck by an object, shaken by an earthquake, or bombarded by high winds, the fan will detect the disruption and turn off.


AirWalker  - Built for Open Spaces
Ideal for  large open space,Airwalker can be mobile for everywhere,which is the perfect solution for cooling people who gathering in one places. Sleek looks and custom color options add to its appeal, making it the most attractive device in your space.


Navigator- Styles for Any Space

Navigator is a new kind DC motor gearless fans.We added water-proof function and upgrade its appearance. It is more energy efficient than conventional fans. Its self-balancing system eliminates wobbles. This fan comes with a reversible DC motor, aerodynamic blades to optimize airflow.


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