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The application field of the industrial big ceiling fan
Aug 27, 2018

Large Logistics warehouse and distribution center: improve the air quality, dehumidification cooling, can prevent the storage rust, decay, while improving the working environment.

Super Large plant: such as mechanical processing, car repair, aircraft assembly, shipbuilding and other plant workshop, can improve ventilation efficiency.

Public buildings: such as shopping malls, gymnasiums, railway stations, airports and other people with large flow of places, can promote air circulation, dispel odor, create a comfortable environment in public places. Large-scale farms: including milk farms, breeding grounds, hatcheries and so on. Good ventilation can improve air quality, moisture, remove odor, and reduce the incidence of livestock.

The appropriate temperature can make the animal feel comfortable, stimulate the rapid growth of livestock, thereby increasing the production rate of livestock herds, increase the production of eggs and milk meat.

Outdoor personnel: such as urban construction sites, can give outdoor workers a cooler operating environment, such as outdoor dining venues, can bring consumers a more comfortable dining experience.

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