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The effect of big ceiling fan
Aug 27, 2018

Three-dimensional natural breeze Large industrial fan comfort is not comparable to other fans, under the large energy-saving fan, you will feel from all directions of the three-dimensional air supply covering the entire body, so that sweat evaporation surface to achieve the largest, so as to form a natural breeze system. The traditional high-speed fan high speed straight blowing body is very uncomfortable, not only the wind speed is too high, but also forced the body local temperature drop, this will bring a lot of health problems, such as fan disease.

1-3M/S is the human body to feel the best wind speed, in the actual use of the process, you do not have to adjust the wind speed to the maximum, depending on your site situation.

Reasons for choosing large industrial fans of Suzhou Hebrew Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.: The reason for Hibbers high performance ratio is that it has the characteristics of good product properties, low failure rate, long service life and so on. Hibbers from product design, production process, component selection, security measures, professional installation to the full after-sales service control, the real use of worry-free.

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