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6 Things You Should Consider When Choosing Cooling Equipment For Your Logistics Facility
Nov 15, 2018

Warehouses and logistics facilities generally encompass  large space filled with machinery, workers and even light fixtures that all give off heat. These spaces can suffer from climate zones, poor air quality and uncomfortable temperatures that can cause both energy inefficiencies and safety concerns for operator to mitigate.

To add insight into High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans and their broad range of advantages for logistic and warehouse facilities, 5 key advantages to HVLS ceiling fans as a solution for warehouse cooling:

  1. HVLS fans are the most efficient air movement systems on the fans marke

  2. Energy consumption of HVLS fans is very low

  3. The investment in an HVLS fan is very low compared to other comparable industrial fans or air conditioning

  4. The lifespan of an HVLS fan is very long if compared with any other equipment.

If you are a Warehouse or Facility Operators looking for a solution for your building, there are important features that you need to examine when finding the solution to best fit your facility’s needs. 


1. Bring Warm at the Floor

Not only bring natural coolng in Summer,OPT HVLS fans is the most cost-saving  for winter.Such as in factoy,the heaters are installed on the roof,so the ceiling parts gathered much warm air,but on the floor,the air still cold and cool,the worker may feel no warm feeling even the air conditioning open to the high temperature.  considerable difference in the temperature at the ceiling than at the floor level and the temperature difference was costing the factory owner a significant amount on their heating and air-conditioning bills. 

"Installing HVLS fans raised the winter temperature at the floor by several degrees, providing a significant increase in comfort level. In addition to the increased comfort level, the HVLS solution for the also provided substantial energy savings over a space of almost 33,000 square feet.”


2. Keep Temperatures At Balance Level

Logistics facilities require speed and pacing. This type of activity and traffic builds heat in a variety of climates. This build-up of heat is especially prevalent in warm summer months when logistic facilities have bays and loading docks open, which transfers the heat into the facility. Through the use of HVLS fans, warehouse and logistic facilities can de-stratify the airand blend the heat layers that are building up from the ceiling down. This mixing of air through a floor jet circulation provides significant cooling and removes trapped heat pockets that are created in large spaces.

3. Energy Savings

Finding a cooling solution that is both effective and cost-saving is a major concern for most Warehouse Operatorers. The ability of HVLS fans to decrease temperatures and run for pennies a day proves an ideal solution for many Facility and Warehouse Managers throughout the world. 

“I know that HVLS fans are contributing to the energy efficiency of big buildings around the world without sacrificing the comfort of people inside. If installing an HVLS fan means you now only need four air-conditioning units where you once needed five, you are more than paying for the purchase of your HVLS fan.”


The cooling needs of a warehouse or logistics facility can vary greatly depending on business operations. To save money on energy, keep operators happy, and maintain processes and equipment, consider the use of HVLS fans and their return on investment.

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