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Advantages Of Large Industrial Fans
Aug 27, 2018

1. Body Cooling The natural breeze produced by large industrial fans is blowing in the body, promoting the evaporation of sweat to take away heat, and cooling the body to bring cool feeling. Usually, this kind of cooling feeling can reach 5-8 ℃. To the human body to bring the natural wind comfort experience. Large industrial fan-blown stereo natural breeze is more comfortable because: on the one hand, to the human body omni-directional three-dimensional blowing, so that the body's evaporation area to achieve maximum.

On the other hand, human beings have accumulated a kind experience of natural wind in nature, but a natural breeze with wind speed changes will naturally feel extremely comfortable and cool.

2. Natural ventilation In the previous ventilation scheme, we often decide which product and quantity to use according to the number of air ventilation. In the small space, the effect is very obvious, you can even see the bathroom steam with the belly of the fan running quickly out of the house. But up to the wide enclosed space, this ventilation effect is not obvious: for example, relatively large soot, moisture, carbon dioxide, poor quality of the air, or concentrated in the bottom of the building, the roof of the negative pressure fan on the various corners of the air does not work, and precisely the personnel and equipment is there.

Large industrial fans will promote the whole space of air mixing, can make the smell of smoke, moisture, mold, etc. to be well dispersed, thereby improving the city air quality, to obtain a healthy and dry and safe working environment

3. Environmental dehumidification If the ventilation cooling conditions in the building, may result in lower product quality, and may even cause a lot of loss and waste! In addition, some materials once damp deformation, will become the first customer complaints of the object. To prevent air condensation, reduce bacteria and mildew, large industrial fans significantly enhance the air flow to control the air on the ground or metal surface condensation, can make your work environment become more clean, dry, comfortable and safe.

Driving stray birds into the room to ensure the internal health of tall buildings.

4. Balance temperature During the winter, hot air generated by air conditioning heating is gathered at the top, while the ground temperature is moderately low.

Low-speed industrial energy-saving fan can be the roof of the hot air slowly to the ground, to balance the indoor temperature, and secondly can avoid the temperature caused by the energy consumption.

Disadvantages of traditional fans

1 High speed straight blowing human body, bring many health problems;

2 It is easy to absorb the dust in the air under the operation of high speed, it is not easy to clean, and seriously affect the service life;

3) The coverage is very small, the energy consumption is high;

4 industrial plants and large venues to use, affecting the beauty of the workshop and venues.

5 The use of extremely inconvenient, and easy to bring security problems.

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