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Introduction To Industrial Wind
Aug 27, 2018

Industrial large fan technology is a series of products specially developed for energy saving, improving the comfort of working environment.

As we all know, the effect of cool and comfortable is not only achieved by cooling cooling, but also depends on the diameter of the fan, and the speed of the fan is not the slightest relation, and the low speed and large diameter industrial fan This is the combination of these characteristics. The propeller blades, which simply rotate slowly in the air, form a continuous, silent breeze flow.

The unique and efficient wing-shaped blades slowly rotate to produce a large amount of airflow downward, thus building into a nearly perfect exhaust of the propeller. The wind speed generated by "industrial big fan" is about 2-3 m/s. Is entirely based on the airflow across the human skin to produce the best cool feeling of the air flow calculated, too strong airflow will make the body and mind feel hot, there is a feeling of direct wind blowing, too high wind speed will make people dizzy, only through the surface of the volatile and breeze speed of the organic combination

, in order to beautify the body's cool feeling.

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