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Keep Athletes Cool With OPT HVLS Fans
Oct 26, 2018

Commonly, sport center or theater have  large but blocked space,therefore,fresh and cool air become more important for athletes and spectators.But many gym centers aren't equipment with HVAC system and relied on air conditioning or small size high speed fans to distribute cool air. Large space costs a lot of expense on energy and purchasing of fans equipment.

Now,OPT High volume low speed fans can much more efficiently help with cooling and ventilation of large space.

They create soft breezes that help evaporate athletes’ perspiration, a vital step in cooling their body temperature down with no harm to body. Air volume can be 2280-13200CMM. The fans also spread the cooling effect throughout your space. And newer facilities aren’t immune to problems with circulating cooled air — HVAC ductwork is expensive, and it takes a lot of energy to force the air through the system. If you’re planning a new facility, incorporate OPT industrial HVLS fans in now so you can minimize the ductwork and expense  needed while still achieving the same temperature goals.


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